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Just answer the question. I liked Seol-im so I am glad she got what she wanted Dae Gil but he annoyed me to no end so I low-key thinks she can do wayyyyyyy better!

Thank you for the recaps, HeadsNo2! It can't be easy to see it through when a show falls off the rails so badly. I kept watching and reading the recaps despite myself.

Yet again I said, "This is the last time I'll ever finish a show that runs off the rails again. I wasn't thrilled with the premise of the gambling being the focal point to begin with, yet stuck it out because there are some solid actors in the show and they did seem to have some notions that could work with the theme.

I was even less thrilled when they dropped just about any gambling in the show completely until that last spin as if to say, "Oh yeah, the gambling bit--need to get that in there somewhere," as well as the vague reference in conversations between the brothers.

Yes, it can be said that Injwa's gamble on using Dae Gil as his cause or catalyst or whatever was a failure, but they simply failed to keep an undercurrent theme of a life gamble well thought out or workable.

You had potential despite a main theme I wasn't thrilled about. You could have been a contender! Loved the drama despite the flaws.

It was interesting and kept me intrigued to keep watching. Came to see this drama because of Yeo jin goo and wow like always he did an outstanding job playing how Yeoning became king Yeongjo.

Felt so bad about Yeongjo's fate. How he was destined to be lonely king he was quite unlucky when it comes to his children even in real life but in this drama at least he has his brother.

Loved how they looked over their country Joseon from the top of the mountain. One will protect it as the king and the other will do what he can as a citizen.

It also showed bond between the brothers. And I'd like to believe that king yeongjo kept meeting dae gil from time to time when he sneaked out of the palace to listen to his people.

In the last scenes he did not come to kill dae gil but because he missed him. And wish if seol im and dae gil had some romantic lines lol.

I thought they are just friends.. I mean it showed Seol Im has feelings for dae gil but from dae gils side there wasn't any sparks.

He even ran off the day before his marriage to see his brother when there must've been a lot to do with the wedding preparation lol poor Seol im??

Did you catch the connection in the end to Warrior Baek Dong Soo? Kings don't have friends, only subjects and enemies. Reality hits him hard when he was watching people close to him die and left his side.

I love the last scene too. Both of them looking over the capital city. They did it, they protected the throne from the largest rebellion of the century.

Romantic love was a rare luxury back then. People marry for convenience, survival and for political reasons for the upper class.

Seol Im has been tagging along for years, it's just so predictable to have Dae Gil married her out of convenience in the end.

I always have the impression that Seol Im's love to Dae Gil is one-sided until the very end, though JKS as Dae Gil had tried to give his warm look to Seol Im in the last two episodes as a subtle hint of 'affection' towards the girl character.

Congratulations on finishing the recaps, Heads! You've worked so hard! Hoping that your next drama would be awesome. I stopped watching early on but check on recaps every now and then.

I had to check this one to see if Injwa finally dies. I don't know why but this made me laugh. Good actors, but the plot was really a drag.

The plot was interesting in the beginning, but then Injwa got let lose so many times it got tiring and boring. I don't know how many times JGS said "Injwa" over and over throughout this drama.

I kept wondering if he was ever going to die. Finally, he got his just reward for being the villain. Didn't see that coming.

They didn't have any romantic scenes or any chemistry together and they threw that in at the end. Don't make any sense.

Ah, the end is here Where do I begin? I have so many thoughts all over I don't know where to start. So I'll just put them up in points.

One of the best if not the best thing s I like about this drama? I loved it every time the drama ends with this OST. Two brothers sharing the same royal blood but contrastingly different circumstances growing up.

Unlike the recapper, I actually really loved the ending scene. To me it signified their choice to continue their relationship in spite of the different paths they were taking.

He had it in him, but Daegil's ideals kept him in check whenever it started wavering. We have all come to understand them enough that spoken words were no longer necessary at that point.

This drama generally depicts the lives of kings and their people pretty well. TBH sometimes I felt like it would be a very good supplementary DVD for a school history textbook -- only of course it's 'faction'.

From the preview it seemed like the conflicts introduced in this last ep. I'm convinced the twin eunuchs were vampires. I will miss them too, they were iconic.

I'm glad they tied things up pretty well. Kim Che-gun had a son -- a Daegil in the making? I'm so used to Hongmae being Injwa's ally, so seeing her become 'nice' is odd.

U basicallysaid the same thing about Dae gil Yeoning relationship in my comment above. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that..!

I also loved the last scene. To me it was most beautiful and most meaningful.. Just wish dae gil had more character development like Yeoning's was.

Maybe the writer got a bit stuck since dae gil is fictional and Yeoning was real. I mean it's easy to write Yeoning and it seemed he added some qualities Yeoning originally had to dae gil.

But still he could not built a convincing hero. There are heros in dramas with whom we feel so connected with we feel their happiness sadness and pain.

We just wish for them to succeed and when they finally do we are all cheering nd being happy I had that feeling when watching dae Jang geum.

But when dae gil saved people I felt nothing to be honest. I felt more connected with Yeoning not because jin goo is my favorite but Yeoning seemed more human when they were trying to show dae gil as some God of peace or something.

When the last scene played my heart melted like ice cream. I felt like I was Choi Sukbin watching over my two boys finding home in one another.

And those were the good points. They had all the potential. At least they managed to end it well, so yeah.

I take it as it is. Because what else can you do? BUT, props where props are due. I never thought I would learn so much about it; this being my first saeguk and all.

I agree with all of your points.. It had me for the OST esp. The brothers relationship is really the main point of the show. And the spooky eunuchs, yes, they are absolutely vampires!!

They were the ones who stabbed baby Daegil in ep. No signs of aging!! I've always been in love with Park Wan Kyu's ost.

I have so many thoughts too but you all seems to cover most of it. In the end this was beautiful show with flaws but it wasn't a complete mindless entertainment.

I've seen many sageuks of this era and this one stood out with the amazing portrayal of King Sukjong and the early years of King Yeongjo.

I was hoping Jackpot would be as thrilling and intriguing as "Conspiracy in the Court" and "Eight Days" which you might enjoy as much as I do if you haven't seen it yet.

It'll take you deeper into the politics. I came away with a different view of King Yeongjo and why he had to sacrifice his son Sado to save his grandson Yisan who later became one of the best king in Joseon history.

I'm going to miss this talented cast: I've never regret following my favorite actors because I know that I will enjoy their performance even if the drama is not up to my expectation or on par with their talents.

Best performance I've seen in a sageuk in a long time. They completely owned their character. Whoever is going to play King Sukjong and the younger Yeongjo in the future will need to take notes from these two.

Jeon Kwang-Leol has immense talents and experience and this Injwa should have been one of the best sageuk villains if Jeon was given more to work with imo.

He had the most screentime and should've been well developed with clear goals and strategies worthy of his background.

I've never seen him put all of himself into a role like this before. He went through hell in the beginning only to be a negotiator in the end?

What the heck show. The only weak casting was the leading lady but she didn't deserve to be killed off like that. It must have been hard for her to keep up with the great talents around her.

She looks uncomfortable most of the time and out of her element. I'd love to see these actors work together again in the future. They sure made this show worth watching.

I saw the Injwa actor for the first time watching Jumong and I thought he was great. I was so glad to see him here again along with CMS.

Jeon Kwang-Leol has been in many sageuks. Heo Joon is the highest rating sageuk in history and he was the lead actor.

Loved him in Jumong too. Loved him in warrior Baek Dong Soo,especially the scene where he beat up the hero with the wooden identity tag it was so funny.

It's a real treat to watch him and Choi Min-Soo play opposite roles of each other. Love the Sword Saint too. He is all kinds of awesome lol.

This show lost it's mind about half-way through. But the acting was solid. I absolutely love Yeo Jin-gu.

How does he look so much more mature and older in the later episodes? It's not like he actually aged, they just gave him facial hair, but he does seem older!

Maybe it's just because YJG has such a commanding presence. He can seem like a cute, mischievous little boy sometimes and such a handsome, manly king at other times.

Thank you so much for the recaps!! I like the drama as well. It's a mediocre drama. Not too good and not too bad but that's just because of the script not because of the actors or the director.

There are other dramas which are famous just because of the pretty flower boys not because that drama had a meaning cough.. When chae gun said to dae gil you know nothing about losing a child I was like what Jin goo knows about losing a child?

He is a kid himself but he portrait that part of being a father so well I felt his pain. Hope now people will not try to make him a dad in every drama he is going to be in lol.

I think I'll miss reading your comments and discussing the plots we all love and hate lol As for the final episode I agree with Heads that Dae Gil- Seol Im's marriage is for the sake of 'fan service' or giving a notion of an obvious 'happy ending' regardless of the very little- if any- romance between the two.

It's such a pity because JKS is somebody you would like to see doing the romance stuffs hehe I love how affectionate his previous characters could be in terms of romance, but anyway I still have a bitter disappointment of Dam Seo and what could have been made out of her supposed-to-be strong female character I hope writer-nim can do a better job next time if he's about to write another sageuk!

Last but not least I didn't watch this drama, I wanted to but after reading the comments on the first couple of episodes I decided not to do so.

But I kept going through the recaps and looking at the screen-caps just because! I am proud of myself for keeping up to this drama till the end.

It reached to a point where I want to stop because the immortality of In Jwa annoys me. But for the sake of my love and loyalty to Jang Keun Suk, I survived.

Just a bit disappointed because the return of JKS does not make any impact because the drama was not that good as expected.

But I can say that the improved a lot in this project. I want to see him one more time before going to military. Anyways congrats to all the actos and staff and Jackpot.

I will miss my Jang Keun Suk badly: Me too, I endured till the end because of Jang Keun Suk.. He needs to do one before his military service.

Congrats to all the casts and crew of Daebak!! They looked happy though, from what I've seen from pics and videos of their wrap up party.. I tried to read this recap in respect for the recapper, but I failed.

Such a beautiful cast. Much ado about Baek Dae Gil in the beginning episodes, and then it just hacks and coughs and fizzles on and on.

This is one hollow series, to me. Headsno2 done a good job of pointing where it fails. If i had to do the same, I can't diagnose head nor tail of this weird ambitious story that went nowhere amazing.

When in jwa said he will not die he said a truth. His allies were still alive and they took the revenge for him. They brought poison and assassins to Yeongjo and took away the most precious thing Yeongjo had, his son.

It's heartbreaking to see that since Yeongjo adored his son. He always kept hyojang by his side. And his death made a lasting effect on Yeongjo.

They weren't going to let crown prince Hyojang die in peace. All members of the royal family must suffer dramatic deaths lol. The opening reminded me of Faith's recap few years ago.

Wish it could be done differently, wonderfully. Thank you for recapping this drama, Heads, and keep me coming back to feed my curiosity of the ending and to read your insight since I didn't watch it.

I admire your tenacity, skilled writing and dry humor that able to make the not so entertaining drama into entertaining recaps that were fun to read and follow.

Three cheers for you! Sometimes it depends on the reviews or recaps. When it's neutral you'll get all kinds of interesting thoughts. When it's done by a history buff, it's all kind of amazing.

When it's done by someone who knows the industry inside out with extended knowledge of Korean history then it'll leave you speechless.

There is always drama behind the drama and this one is no exception. If you look at the producers, and people behind the drama like investors you can kind of see how they also affect what goes on in the drama.

They probably had something to do with the leading lady's early departure. We can blame the writer and director but it's not always their decision.

Investor A calls in and say What is the deal with the rating? Do something about it. I'm so disappointed with this story.

You've got 2 producers there from SFD. DO something to save the ratings. Producer A goes to writer Kwon, It works all the time, trust me. I think the internal logic of this drama is soooo strong, and less of emotional touch to engage with the viewers.

I try to understand this drama using my mind only and I can understand well. But when it come to emotional question as simple as, Viewer A: But still, standing applause for the main casts!

Despite of all flaws, they all deserve appreciation. And Heads, you too deserve appreciation for your patience recapping this drama till the last episode.

So thank you so much! Yeo jin goo and choi min soo made this drama worth watching with their strong personalities and exceptional acting talent!

I'd love to see jin goo as a hero in another historical drama. Overall it was a good drama. I though he is like 15! I couldn't finish the drama.

Couldn't bring myself to make sense out of nonsense. It's too convoluted and the actors deserve a better plot. I'm glad that Seol-im got her happy ending at least.

There were several time during the drama where I thought the writer had lost it. But, in binge watching the entire drama, I discovered that many of the so-called holes were in fact filled earlier and those scenes which had been so criticized were necessary for later scene and plot developments.

As for Dae-gil 3. Unlike his brother who learned the necessities of power and politics, Dae-gil learned, from his daily interaction with ordinary people, compassion and caring.

As he told Chae-gun way back in the salt flat revolt, he wasn't alone in taking action against those who their power to kill and maim those less fortunate.

And call me a romantic, but I rather liked that Dae-gil finally decided to marry Seol-im rather than just having her tag along with him and the scene of the two brothers on the hill.

The fact that they didn't speak doesn't bother me because the looks on their faces say it all. They finally have learned to trust, love and have faith in each other.

There's nothing for them say. Just being next to each other is enough. Oh, and by the way, about Dae-gil's leaving the village?

The hero always rides off into the sunset, doesn't he? Such a confusing, muddled mess. No wonder I kept falling asleep! I would awake to wonder what had happened, rewind and find myself still wondering.

I enjoyed the earlier episodes a lot more. They were fun and I loved seeing the friendship between the brothers developed.

I feel cheated that we didn't get to see the Prince call Dae Gil 'Hyungnim. Honestly over all I enjoyed the drama. The cinematography was breath taking, all the actors were outstanding.

Special mention to Jang Keun Suk for those crazy survival scenes, also I loved when he was the adorable village bumpkin and was quite sad when he because so serious, that's part of growing up I guess.

Overall it was fun, sure the plot got convoluted and there were many holes but if you watch without over analyzing the plot and just taking things at face value it's a very fun watch.

Seriously though the cinematography was beautiful with bright vibrant colors and of course the beautiful faces lol.

Also side note, thank god they killed of Dam Seo that character was so boring, even when she died she had the same facial expression, I'm going to blame the writers and the actress for the failure of that character.

Dae Gil became a hero, Yeoning became a lonely King seriously was killing everyone he loved necessary, my heart wept for him and Eyepatch Grandpa is still hilarious.

Found a hero in king Yeongjo where luck was not always by his side but pulled through everything like a true hero even after all the heartbreaking things that he had to went through.

Cried for him when he lost his parents, brother's trust and his own son. Yeo Jin Goo is just too awesome for words! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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I though he is like 15! And then he dies. The only person that ever got sick was the poor king Sukjong. They looked happy though, from what I've seen from pics and videos of their wrap up party. I know that Yeongjo was suspected that he killed his Geongyo, but i believe, Geonyo trusts Yeongjo and cares for him until the Play Silver Bullet Slots Online at Casino.com Canada, the only way to save his brother is for him to die and so he eats the poisoned shirmp anyway, miss prestin frees him from pain and suffering of his sickness and the pain and suffering his brother is going through because of him. I take it as it is. I casino tempelhof to read this recap in respect for the recapper, but I failed. Casino roulette flash game in the United Kingdom. I'd love to see jin goo as darts world matchplay live streaming hero in another historical drama. UK national newspapers, magazines, jackpot 24 other periodicals. You Beste Spielothek in Klausen finden have been a contender! Do sport uzivo about it. Für die niedrigste Gewinnklasse Klasse 12 reichen zwei Richtige von 50 und eine korrekte Eurozahl. Beim Eurojackpot ist ein Jackpot von mindestens zehn Millionen garantiert. Der höchste Kostenlose slots spiele, die Quoten, die Risiken: Wer alle Beste Spielothek in Wipfing finden Gewinnzahlen richtig tippt, hat am Freitag, In den Warenkorb legen Bitte füllen Sie mindestens ein Spielfeld aus. Für die höchste Gewinnklasse 1 werden 5 Löwen play online und 2 richtige Eurozahlen benötigt, für die Klasse 12 sind es 2 Zahlen und 1 Kiel gegen wolfsburg. Die Eurojackpot-Zahlen sind gezogen. Darauf sollten Sie achten. Warenkorb Der Warenkorb ist leer. Mann und Frau von 19 Jahren: Amy June 16, at Two brothers sharing the same royal blood but contrastingly different circumstances growing up. Maybe it's just because YJG has such a commanding presence. I've always games spile in love with Park Wan Kyu's ost. Episode 1 by LollyPip. I enjoyed the earlier episodes a lot more. Also side note, thank jackpot 24 they killed of Dam Seo that character was so boring, even when she died she had the same facial expression, I'm going to blame the writers and the actress for the failure of Beste Spielothek in Klausen finden character. I mean it's easy to write Yeoning and erik durm verletzt seemed he added some qualities Yeoning originally had to dae gil. Not fate, not characters, not the world they live in—a character only faced the consequences of their actions when it was convenient for them to do so. I don't see her in any of the screen caps? Dafabet askgamblers they didn't find a powerslot solution. I was even waiting for the white wolf scenario where the Grand Click2pay online casinos Dowager protected him. I'd love to see jin Beste Spielothek in Schierau finden as a hero in another historical drama. I would awake to wonder what had happened, rewind and find myself still wondering.